Calorie explanation

- Feb 01, 2016 -

Calories, is a unit used to express the energy value of food. The amount of calories to achieve or maintain your ideal weight for every day you should decide the amount of food intake. A calorie - German Internet mode. 40-100mw power is about 1000MW power in the network card in the coverage radius of the produced for the German Willtek communications, a USB interface, can be wireless network card, is designed for the German government to solve the rural broadband wireless message of the design of a long distance card. The product design to achieve the German government proposed 8600 meters transmission distance, the power amplifier module and inside, leading to the network card (NIC), and the chip card can automatically break all current network encryption mode. Because of its strong signal and high efficiency automatic password cracking, by numerous wireless Ceng network praised, said the "calories".

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