Wallpaper development process

- Feb 01, 2016 -

As early as the Tang Dynasty in China, it was on the paper drawing to decorate the wall. In the middle of the tenth Century, the British Morris began mass production of printed wallpaper, with a modern sense of wallpaper. With the changes of the times, development of wallpaper with the development of culture and economy in the world and continuous development, has experienced a paper, paper paint, foam paper, printing paper, embossing plate paper, special paper process of development and change process.

The original wallpaper is painted on the wall, printing and dyeing of a variety of patterns. There are certain hallucinogenic effects, but also limited to the Royal Palace and other high places for local decorative use. Real large area with other decorative materials into the home life, or the end of the 1970s ad in the early 80's..

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